Track By Tracks: Infrared - From The Black Swamp (2021)

1. Tribal Junction:

Tribal Junction is a fast-paced opening song about strained relationships from societal down to interpersonal where if commonality is not found, a choice from both sides will need to be made at the Tribal Junction, war? Or peace?

2. No Master, No Gods looks at peoples:

No Master, No Gods looks at peoples’ will to think for themselves and not be led blindly into others’ narrative or exploitive and malicious agendas. This song showcases much of what makes metal, metal. Catchy riffs both fast and medium-paced, in-your-face lyrics, and a blistering bridge and solo section.

3. Lockdown:

Lockdown is about the epidemic of school shootings in the USA and how that culture appears to hold their guns dearer than their children.

4. Left Lane F√₵k!:

Left Lane F√₵k! This mid-paced fun song has multiple levels. On the surface, it appears to just be about asshole drivers, but on a deeper level, it is about those who willfully block you from your goals just to watch you suffer.

5. Eat Your Own:

Eat Your Own This mid-paced thumper on the surface is about the music industry screwing each other over for money. But it also applies to any relationship where one side screws over the other for personal gain.

6. From the Black Swamp:

From the Black Swamp is a metal lovers delight. It has all the elements of a classic metal/thrash song, with a big intro, ripping riffs, mid-tempo versus, big bridge, and an epic outro. At just over 6 minutes, you won’t find yourself revisiting familiar territory to the point of being too repetitive. This song is about the insidious form of psychological abuse perpetrated on one victim after another. Hook your prey, then taunt and torture them over the long term all while betraying them in such a cruel fashion that if not caught in time and defended against, will surely destroy you. Only truth can save you.

7. Evil Ascent:

Evil Ascent is on the heels of the title track, From the Black Swamp. Evil Ascent highlights evildoers and the great lengths they go to wreak havoc on those they feel superior to. It is a creepy ride into the state of human nature in which narcissism reigns supreme. It is a focus on people with evil intent, where they will try to exploit, humiliate, and ultimately crush those around them all for their own selfish gain.

8. Blood And Sweet:

Blood and Sweat This metal anthem is about both band and crowd giving their all by leaving it all on the stage and floor. It is a celebration of the metal coven.

9. Eternal Exile:

Eternal Exile This call to arms song to rise up against tyranny by gathering the masses together to conquer a powerful evil entity and all the suffering that goes with it. It is a doomy song with Black Sabbath style riffs that will have you headbanging in no time.

10. Tradimento:

Tradimento The Italian word Tradimento means betrayal. This is a straight up metal pop song about betrayal and psychological abuse. With buzzsaw heavy verses and a catchy hook in the chorus and a bridge and solo detour, this song will connect with anyone who has been through abuse and loves metal.

11. Beautiful Death:

Beautiful Death is a riff rich song that relentlessly attacks you on a sonic level all while delving into the touchy subject of assisted dying for ill people wanting to be set free from endless pain. This song is a roller coaster ride.

12. Semita Domun:

Semita Domum This song has been described as an instrumental with lyrics and is about finding the path back home through the help of family and friends after being thrown off course. It is an appropriate closer that shows there is always hope after painful struggles in life. Surround yourself with good people, and life will be good. Toxic people are to be left at the toxic dump.

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