Track By Tracks: Landless - Mirrors (2021)

1. Heavy:

Song is about getting rid of the people who pull us down. Some people are not a motivation for us, but on the contrary, they are an "anchor" for us, that stops and slows us down. It’s up to us whether we decide to stay or we step out of the circle that repeatedly pulls us down.

2. Falling Apart:

Overthinking is simply the act of “thinking about something too much or for too long.” That’s what’s about the song ‘Falling Apart’. Those toxic places inside of our head can drain so much energy and potential. The only way of getting out is to break it down.

3. Nobody:

It's great value, when we know evaluate ourselves and when we see our mistakes. The bad thing is when your past mistakes hold you back. We should be aware of our mistakes and learn from that but also we shouldn't let our past failures to bring us completely down. 'We know, we're not perfect. We strive to prove we're worth it.'

4. Revive:

Hope is optimistic state of our mind. Hope brings us a great will to fight, it brings a will to fight our struggles. The feeling when you leave dark days behind is amazing and fulfilling. That is the day, when you were “revived“.

5. Waves:

Calm state of our mind is something we chase in times of chaos and uncertainty. To feel that the tide takes you away make us feel like all of our struggles have been washed away. “Waves crash all around me“. And I know I’m alive.

6. Drowning:

An immense amount of thoughts can “fit“ into our minds. If we let them spread, sometimes happens, that poisonous thoughts flood our head. And in that exact moment we can say we’re overthinking. But even this state of mind is not stable and permanent, we can “retrace the light“.

7. Borrowed Time:

This song is about how important is time in our lives. Time is something we cannot slow down, speed up, or stop. Our actions shape our future and change our surroundings. “We’re living in borrowed time and our hearts are still beating.“

8. Fantasy:

Fantasy is song that is about anger and self-motivation when you need to get up and get further. Now is when our actions matter. Our present shape our future. “Now is the moment. I need to climb up this mountain.“

9. Trapped Inside:

Sometimes we feel like we’re going in circles. Mostly we can feel this when we’re burning out, when we feel like we’re completely overwhelmed by responsibilities. In times like these we use to look for an escape, for the way out. Song ‘Trapped Inside‘ is about finding that calm place we need sometimes.

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