Band Biographies: ATROX TRAUMA

May of 2008. The band’s first rehearsals began. Kristóf Andruskó (drums) and Imre Török (rhythm guitar/vocals) started to play songs from Sepultura, Slayer and Kreator. Then they started to compose their own songs. Spring of 2010. Máté Bódog (bass) and András Székely (lead guitar) joined the band. Spring of 2011. They made the first demo, which is called "Fojtogat".
The demo have 3 songs with hungarian lyrics:Lelkem takaromJövés, menés, maradok Lélegző ruhafogas. May of 2011. Máté left the band. Tamás Bodrogi joined. Febr of 2012. Minitour with 5 gigs in Germany and Czech Republic. 8-9th Sept of 2012. They recorded 2 songs for the second demo at No Silence Studio, Gyula, Hungary. (led by: Simon István). The second demo has two songs with english lyrics: Immobile,Suicide fuck. They got positive feedback from the audience and other music magazines and webzines. 2013. Kristóf left the band. New drummer: Gergely Győri 2013. Sept. Tamás left the band. 2019. After a long break, the band reactivated itself and found their new bass player Gyula Tábori. 2020.08.21. First place at "Dobbantó" talent contest.

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