Band Biographies: Beyond Deviation

At the end of 2020, right after the release of “Bridge To Extinction”, the band started brainstorming about what the future of Beyond Deviation should be. The Covid-19 lockdowns gave them the time needed to really regroup and make this upcoming release the best in the band’s history. You can already get a feel for it with their last single “Identity Crisis” (November 24th, 2020). Critics and fans alike were unanimously shocked & astonished by the creepiness and quality that they delivered in the new single, really setting the tone for what’s to come.

You can expect a new EP at the end of 2021, after they break the world record for “Most vocalists on a single song” with the single “Beyond Deviation 400" (400 also being the number of vocalists featured on the 37 minutes-long track). They also announced at the end of 2020 the return of the original vocalist, Guillaume.Formed in 2014, Beyond Deviation started as a project to play local shows. The band quickly got picked up on its first month by one of the leading management agencies in deathcore at the time, Arrogance Management. With the help of many promotions from those days such as, Chugcore, Pure Deathcore and Total Deathcore, they were able to build a decent following, based on the devastating vocals that the vocalist at the time could deliver. “White Noise” EP was a hit.

Sadly, shortly after their quickly found success, Guillaume (vocalist) had to part ways with the band due to creative differences. Crushed by the news and the stress of having to find a suitable replacement a week before their very first tour, the remaining band members decided to look for a replacement vocalist. They found Matthew Krawchuk (ex-Suffokate) and went on to have some of the best years in the lifespan of the band. They travelled across Canada, sharing the stage with acts like Traitors, Falsifier, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, and also delivered their highly anticipated sophomore EP “The Plague King”. The fans loved it and the sales records were indicative of that. There was no doubt that “The Plague King” was a worthy successor for “White Noise”.

Then the band saw itself part ways with Matthew (vocalist) because of distance issues, which brought up a lot of uncertainty for the future of Beyond Deviation. That’s when they onboarded a yound & promising vocalist, Nylist. He was exactly what the band needed to get the creativity flowing again, and 3 months later they had a new album written and recorded, that ended up being one of their most notable releases, a concept album about dissociation and anxiety, “Dark Passenger”. It was a first for them in the way they approached it, and something completely different than what their fans were used to expecting from them. The reception was mixed, some saying they strayed from their roots too much, but the number of new fans was enough to reassure them that they were in the right direction.

Shortly after the release of “Dark Passenger”, they needed to write new stuff. A year later, the band released a split EP called “Bridge To Extinction” with a local band called Martyrs. Considering how short it was, “Bridge To Extinction” went on to sell very well. The release of their world record breaking single “Beyond Deviation 400” marked the end of their collaboration with Nylist, going back to their roots with their original vocalist, Guillaume.

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