Band Biographies: HEL'S THRONE

Formed in 2018, the German Symphonic Metal band, HEL’S THRONE, started to play with a set of cover songs in the German club scene. After receiving great responses from the audience they decided to write their own songs and to make the next step to find their identity as a band.

HEL’S Throne creates in their music a brilliant balance between being heavy & powerful and on the other side epic and orchestral. The amazing voice of front singer Bekka gives every song its unique character.

In 2020, after finishing a couple of songs, HEL’S THRONE was contacting Lars Rettkowitz of Emperial-Sound Studios for producing their Debut album “Ravens Flight”. What followed were hard and inspiring record sessions and Lars helped to lift up the sound of HEL’S THRONE to the next level. As a special guest we found Christian “Litze” Litzba to take over the growl and dark voices of the album.

After finishing the studio sessions the band was absolutely impressed by his incredible voice, so they decided to offer him a full membership in HEL’S THRONE.
In September 2021 he accepted it and now we can introduce “Litze” as the newest member in the HEL’S THRONE family.

Now the studio work is done and the band can proudly present their first album “Ravens Flight”

The songs of “Ravens Flight” are about Nordic mythology, especially about Hel, the name-giving goddess of the band, and stories of her underworld. She is not only the relentless and cruel mistress who punishes evil souls. She is also the righteous one who rewards good souls depending on their former life and what they have done before. HEL’S THRONE shows both sides of the goddess of death.

After the first great reviews of the album the Italian record label “WarmHoleDeath Records” offered the bands to support their musical career. HEL’S Throne is very thankful that Carlo Belotti and WarmHoleDeath believe in the band and their music and so HEL’S THRONE signed a worldwide promotion and distribution deal with this great label.

HEL’S THRONE is very proud to be a part of the WormHoleDeath family.

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