Band Biographies: Phobetor

Formed by vocalist Debora Conserva in 2018, Phobetor’s drive and vision was to mirror the anguish and chaos of life, to capture its essence and reflect it back into the hearts of the masses. Having quickly got to work writing original material, the band took their brand of extreme metal to the live circuit.

Their flurry of activity on the live scene was capped by a performance at the Camden Underworld alongside Krysthla and Memoriam in early 2020, which was followed later that year with the release of their debut album ‘When Life Falls Silent’. A cauldron of heartache and fury, it displayed unfettered emotion and nerve-shredding tension, accompanied by the darkly disturbing artwork of Hans Trasid, the album was met with positive reviews and the signs were evident of greater things to come.

The departure of guitarist Mitch Revy following the release of ‘When Life Falls Silent’ marked a new era of line-up stability in the band with the arrival of guitarist Ross White (Pythia, Lunatic Hooker, Descent) and bassist Dredgewood (Meat Train), along with drummer Marc Dyos (Pythia, Descent) joining on a permanent basis having recorded drums for the debut album and occasionally performing live.

The new line-up wasted no time in getting to work on their follow-up album, with recording completed in September 2021 and mix/master duties again handled by Neil Hudson (Krysthla, Gutworm). In November 2021 the band unveiled ‘Through Deepest Fears and Darkest Minds’ set for release December 13th 2021, draped in the visionary art of Brian D’Agosta (Vallenfyre, Godthrymm, Goatwhore).

‘Solace in Darkness’, the first video from their latest opus was aired later in November, showcasing the band’s nihilistic blackened death direction. ‘Through Deepest Fears and Darkest Minds’ is the soundtrack to inescapable dreams of reasonless terror, the screaming wind that tears through the desolate chambers of your mind. Phobetor have evolved into a new form of devil whose roar will echo through the deepest places of the earth.

Debora Conserva - Vocals
Marc Dyos - Drums
Ross White - Guitar
Dredgewood - Bass

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