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Synaxaria is romantic rock\metal band from Minsk, Belarus. It was formed in February 2010 by the family of Dzmitry & Natallia Kramoushchanka. The sightly name “Synaxaria” was read by Dzmitry in the one old book about people’s destiny beyond the grave. This ancient word signifies the book containing historical information about the saints of christian church and comes from old Greek.

Initially, Synaxaria played industrial metal/NDH music in the vein of Oomph!, Rammstein, Eisbrecher, Stahlmann etc. The next releases were created in this vein: demo-EP “The Last Life”, internet-single “Belarus”, EP “Authorithy”, EP “War” and internet-single ‘Rise’. The music of the band included sharp and hard guitar riffs, marches rhythms and dark atmosphere.

In 2014 Synaxaria released full album “Sadness Of Memories”. It was composed of 10 tracks of melodic hard rock and metal with some industrial metal influences and it was the first attempt to create more straight, delicate and melodic music which the band describes as ‘romantic rock’. This release was received positively by some internet- resorses.

In 2016 the band released their single "Romantic Hearts Will Never Die" and shot the first music video for this song. The next year, in 2017, a new work - EP "Close And So Far", was released. It is the most symphonic of all Synaxaria's releases, with big influence of classical music and sublime atmosphere and with very different music - from guitar metal-riffs to sax passages. Also, a new music video for the song "Eternal Game" from this EP was out the same year.

In 2018 Synaxaria released maxi-single “Farewell” where the music became heavier, but saved the unique and romantic atmosphere of light melancholy.

The band's latest album is “Oldtime Mistery, which was released in November 2019. This is a melodic-metal album-wandering inspired by historical places of Belarus, former Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It is a romantic reflection on the connection of civilization of past generations of our land with the present. The musical material on this album is performed in a combination of various metal genres and vocals. This unites a sublime atmosphere that refers to the monuments of the past. In 2020 Synaxaria released new EP “Forest Path” with one new ballad with female Natalia vocal and 3 re-recording tracks from “Sadness Of Memories” album. In the end of 2020 Synaxaria released Belarusian-language cover-version of legendary song “We Shall Overcome” as a support of Belarusian protests against dictatorship.

In 2021, Synaxaria recorded and released a full-length album “Deep Dark Waters”. This is a conceptual melodic metal album dedicated to local history and legends of the land around belarussian the Nioman river.

Current line-up:

Dzmitry - vocals, guitars
Natallia - vocals, keyboards
Illya - guitars


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