Behind The Artworks: THE CHRONICLES OF MANIMAL AND SAMARA - The Prophet (Single) (2021)

We designed the cover artwork for ‘The Prophet’ ourselves. The song and video petitions for the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence technologies, we wanted the cover to show a portrait of a robot, but in the style of the political posters of the early 20th century. We wanted the AI robot to have a human-looking face, with preferably androgynous features. Our ‘TCOMAS’ logo is etched onto the forehead of the robot - in a way that it blurs the lines between the scarification of slaves and the branding of products. We wanted this image to make people to ask this question:
“If our intelligence is what defines us as humans. When we extend an ‘artificial’ version of our consciousness onto a non-living entity, in which we fashion in our likeness, how does this make them any different from us?”
We went a little further and created an animated version of our cover using Deep Nostalgia - an AI-based photo manipulator developed for the genealogy site MyHeritage, which allows people to animate old family photos. The program is powered by an AI technique called deep learning which automatically animates faces in photos uploaded to the system. You can even choose different expressions and moods. And it turned out really creepy but cool.

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