Behind The Artworks: Depleted Uranium - Origins (2021)

So the story behind the artwork. We started jamming back in 2006 at a building called Encore Music Exchange in Toronto, which was a music store during the day in a band rehearsal space at night with a recording studio room which the main guy Dave lived in. This place was a gem due to the price and hours we could get, but it was at sacrifice to the quality of environment; right after our first rehearsal, a guy died in our jam room and there were constant leaks which led to the ceiling eventually collapsing. But overall, a sweet and beautiful place and really fit and inspired our music.

One year, a family of raccoons moved into the rehearsal space ceilings and walls and we would hear them when we weren’t playing or see them when we went out back for a smoke. One fall day, we went out back and found a dead raccoon right beside the door. We had just got a bunch of stickers made for our demo release, which was recorded by Dave at Encore Studio, and so a sticker was applied and a picture was taken, which is the front cover of Origins.

We let Dave know, but it wasn’t until the spring when all of the snow melted and the dead raccoon carcass was revealed, with the sticker still remaining on top of it! A second picture was taken which ended up being in the back cover of the album.

When we decided to release Origins, we had hundreds of pictures to go through and after sorting through all of them, those two really summed up the birth and death of writing the album and being a band during that time; even in death, there is constant change which provides meaning and purpose. Several pictures which made the cut are the inside panel of the Origins CD and along with the cover art, they completely sum up our time together during that period

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