Behind The Artworks: Sarah Halter - A Clockwork Destiny (2021)

After down options for album artists, I contacted a very talented LA-based artist, Maxwell Aston, who specializes in dark art and commissions for metal bands. He was very excited to work with me as my album artist for this project, and so professional! For this single's album cover, I wanted the main visual aspect to be a clock, but I also wanted it not done in a steam-punk fashion like how clocks are often visually presented. I was very pleased that the design and color options resulting in an emphasized clock image in the foreground amidst a faded, deteriorating landscape scene help portray this project's content. Max Aston also designed my current logo on the album cover. Working with Max on the A Clockwork Destiny album art was a great experience. I would highly recommend him for other artists who want dark and painterly album art.

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