Track By Tracks: Aexylium - The Fifth Season (2021)

1. The Bridge:

The Bridge’ is a tough start without compromise. A fast and heavy song, which immediately wants to convey energy to the listener. Samuele Faulisi of Atlas Pain is the special guest in this song, he sings during the chorus and the second verse.

2. Mountains:

‘Mountains’ is a very catchy song, which through its lyrics and its music recalls the feeling of lightness and freedom that only mountains can give.

Arianna sings in a delicate and sinuous way, in perfect contrast to Steven's growl.
In the middle of the song, there is an alternation of solos of various instruments, to enrich the piece of musical quality.

3. Immortal Blood:

It’s a heavy song but at the same time full of melody. The inspiration for the lyric was born taking a cue from one of the books that can be found in the fantasy video game 'Skyrim'.

The lines of violin and flute in the chorus make it catchy and really incisive.

4. Battle of Tettenhall:

The song tells the emotions and the deeds of a warrior and his father during the famous battle between Vikings and Anglo-Saxons which took place in the year 910. The guys of the vocal ensemble did an awesome job, giving the song that epic touch.

This is the first song we wrote for the new album.

5. Skål:

It’s a very cheerful and danceable song, both in the text and in the music the spirit of celebration and lightheartedness is evident.

The lyrics tell of a warrior who died on the battlefield, and then his spirit is welcomed to Valhalla, as the Viking tradition dictates.

6. An Damhsa Mór:

This is our first instrumental track. It is a completely acoustic piece of music, realized with the scope to “take a breath” and to “divide” the album in two sections. It works as a perfect interlude, where violin and flute can show themselves at their best. The name is in Irish, and it means “the Great Dance”; it recalls rural fairground moments of collective fun. Try to image a group of dancers, which involves the entire small local community to join them, in front of a central and majestic fire; you will get the essence of this tune.

7. Yggdrasil:

‘Yggdrasil’ is probably the darkest song on the whole album. The riffs are tight and well-articulated, Steven's growl is very powerful and once again the choir’s parts are really epic. The lyrics tell about the legendary tree of the Norse Mythology.

8. Vinland:

Vinland’ is a song in full pirate style. Flute and violin lead the melodies, the drums play fast and loud.

The chorus is very catchy; the typical son to dance and go wild during a gig.

9. The Fifth Season:

‘The Fifth Season’ is the title track, and it tells through the lyrics and the music an initial restlessness, which leads to a feeling of hope and rebirth towards the end.
Once again, Arianna made a great job with her amazing voice.

10. Spirit of the North:

‘Spirit of the North’, like other songs on the album, is inspired by Norse settings and themes. The vocals are deliberately very catchy and singable and accompany the listener towards the last piece.

11. On the Cliff’s Edge:

This last instrumental works as an outro, useful to conclude our work. It is an “evocative” piece, with the aim to transfer you on a cliff lost in the ocean, facing the wind and the sea at sunset, looking at a coming storm.

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