Track By Tracks: ANARCHAEON - Scary Tale (2021)

1. Scary Tale:

“Scary Tale” is a story of a girl most likely from the 1600s. She is in love with a vampire that has seduced her through love and promises. When this vampire love of hers shows up she is greeted by two vampires. Thinking she is being betrayed she freezes. Her love reassures her she's there to turn her and be together for eternity. Once she is turned she loses all sense of love and compassion and starts her murderous spree.

2. Vlad To The Bone:

“Vlad To The Bone” is a tale of a sexual bloodlust between two vampires. She plays with her black swan for years, draining him little by little but grows impatient. She sires him and essentially makes him her bloodplay lover.

3. Transyldrania:

“In this EP, we flip the sequence and start with “Transyldrania”, We wrote this last but it really almost tells about the psychology of trying to make someone see the sheer pleasures of being immortal. The big question:

Have you ever wondered
Have you ever dreamed
Of a life not bound by hours
Not life or death
But somewhere in between

As humans, we are very fragile. This song suggests life can end at any moment so why not just come to the dark side where you will be free of the disease of death. It tells of how the person could be torn but in the end, begs to be free with the coercion of this magical beast.

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