Track By Tracks: Demonztrator - Sinister Forces Of Hatred (2021)

1. Murderlust:

JR: The chorus riff and middle part were composed by our session drummer Sepi, and I added the intro and verse riffs. I tried to get a bit of a Dark Angel vibe to the intro and went from there, putting a rough outline of the song together. Timo wrote some additional riffs and the solo part, thus finishing the song. JH: The lyrics are a study of the dark side of the human mind. You know, the murderlust, how come some of us fall victim to it and make all these crazy things driven by its spell.

2. Proclamation:

TA: This one has a pretty punk feel to it. I wasn’t even convinced that it works well but the other guys in the band liked it so we tweaked it a bit and recorded it and now I like it too. JH: Lyrically this one's really a proclamation of survival. The feeling of anger, which you get when you are kicked when you are already down. This anger is the driving force that makes one determined to strike back and give them a good scourging.

3. Acid Remains:

TA: This is mainly Sepi’s work of art. He left me the space to do the intro guitar harmonies on it but otherwise Sepi all the way. Cool song with lots of things going on! JH: Well, well, this lyric is about madness in all its bad ways. What's left of a madman? Untouchable acid remains that you can't get close to...

4. The Collapse:

TA: This is aggressive, straight-forward thrash metal with some spooky stuff going on. Lyrically it’s just a cynical perspective on things...

5. Into The Mouth Of Madness:

TA: The title came from a John Carpenter movie ’In the Mouth of Madness’ which is based on some Lovecraft stuff. It’s a ton of riffs put together to form a path into going insane.

6. Intermission: Deus Volt:

TA: This is a short instrumental piece that I think works nicely as a middle piece leading to the next song.

7. Crossing The Rubicon:

JR: This was a song that has been around a long time, and I finally got around to finishing it. I went for a more melodic approach (Testament, Heathen) with a dual guitar solo just for the fun of it. Lyric wise it's pretty self explanatory. Basically about a change of mindset and freeing oneself on a new path.

8. Scavenger Of War:

JR: With this one I did the main part of the song, old style Metallica/Slayer vibes here. Some heavy riffing with a sing along chorus. The lyrics are set in a "war/after battle" setting, but the underlying message could be about exploiting everything and wanting more and more. TA: Then I brought in the faster riffs to finish the mayhem. All in all a really heavy song.

9. Nail Them All:

TA: This one has a spooky intro that turns into fast thrash in old school Metallica etc fashion. Filled up with horror lyrics of course!

10. Embryonic Evil:

JR: Musically a Slayer space opera. :) Pure old school in your face thrash with a more grooving middle part. JH: Alien invasion! We tried to write this story where the main aggressor is an embryonic invader that invades by spreading parasitic elements, thus making it harder for mankind to repel. Did we succeed? You tell me.

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