Track By Tracks: Gorr - Tolv I Talet (2021)

1. Like Vakkert Som Grusomt:

This is a local and true story. The title translates into "just as beautiful as cruel". The track tells the story about a husband and wife living at a place on the Norwegian island Gossen. The wife was blind and looked after the house while the husband was a fisherman. One day in bad weather the husband did not return from the sea. The wife, being blind went looking for him at the rough seashore, calling him and trying to find him. She never returned and they ended up sharing the big wet grave at sea. Cruel, yet beautiful.

2. Einheri Ta Eit Sete:

Translates into "lone fighter, have a seat". This track is about the lone fighter, and his struggles on the battlefield. It describes the mist, the blood covered ground and his death. And then how he may take a seat at the table inside the gods castle.

3. Jammerberget Ropar:

This is also a local and true story. Translates into "Jammerberget calling". The story of the pregnant servant girl, with no husband, decided to end her life at the height named Jammerberget. It describes how Jammerberget calls for her until she decides to jump and enter the afterlife.

4. Gje Han Ægirs Døtre:

Translates into "Give him Ægirs daughters". This track describes the wet misty pine forest, with the screams from the river people. Underneath the plain text this is actually about Nøkken. The dangerous spirit (vette) living in small lakes and springs portrayed by Theodor Kittelsen. Nøkken is a warning that some human is about to drown. The only protection there is, is to mention his name.

5. Slik Lyder Soga Om Folket På Saltsteinen:

Yet another local story about the poor people living on the small islet called Saltsteinen, in the very rough north west coast of Norway. The title translates into "This is the story about the people at Saltsteinen". They moved from the mountains to the islet where they lived with and lost 12 children. After they lost the last child they rowed away never to return.

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