Track By Tracks: Me From You - Rival Towns (2021)


‘Wear Me Out’ is a song about being in a relationship that you know is not going to work out the way you want but you’re both not strong enough to end it. The chorus lines are actually a callback to a song on our first EP ‘Don’t Miss It’ which is more about entering that relationship and the troubles that come with two people who are polar opposites but just aren’t very aware of it. That story, although vaguely written, comes full circle in this single.


‘Back To Where’ is another song that has callbacks to our first EP. It’s about self doubts, and that voice in your head you're always arguing with. In those moments, there’s rarely any clarity or room for self realizations. I think taking a step back from my own life and recognizing these patterns in my life of self-destruction is what led me to write this song.


‘Borrowed Time’ was the first song I wrote for this EP. It’s very much about understanding that we’re not on this earth for a very long time so we should be doing the best we can with what we have. Some of the lyrics were finished in the studio while working with Alan Day. After losing my father to Covid, I felt a lot more connected to this song and rewriting some of the lyrics only proved to make the message of this song so much more meaningful to us. We hope you feel the same.


‘Years Behind’ is a song I wrote based off of a night I spent in a Sonic’s drive-in. It’s about me and a friend smoking weed listening to New Found Glory and talking about life. Even though we were young, this was really meant to remember that time in our lives and to encapsulate how good we had it in our adolescence.

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