Track By Tracks: Orbital Soul System - Eternal Voyage (2021)

1. Into the sun:

The lyrics of this song were inspired by Danny Boyle's movie called 'Sunshine'. The hero of this song has to sacrifice his life for the salvation of all mankind. It's clear that he would not like to die but nothing can be done there... The riffing in this song is modern metal influenced, some vibes of Meshuggah and Sybreed... The starting riff was the second one that was written for this album.

2. The Path:

The second song of the album raises the question of following religious way or scientific. Should humanity explore the world or just worship its artefacts... The slow doom-oriented part was inspired by Blut Aus Nord.

3. Flicker:

A short instrumental song, cosmic and dreamy. The guitar part is played by Ebow.

4. Fear the rain:

Fast and melodic song with some Jean M. Jarre and Didier Marouani influences in synths. Listen to the lyrics and try to be onguard: maybe the rain is not just harmless tears of heaven, but part of the planets preparation to get rid of two-legged parasites... Hope it's just a scary story.

5. Hollow:

The slowiest song of the album. Spatial reasoning about person's inner emptiness and the way to overcome it. The first half is real doom-death metal.

6. Eternal voyage:

Title song for the album. Some of its riffs were the first ones created for Orbital Soul System. The song is influenced by Stanislaw Lem's works. The story is narrated by the rescue boat from the scientific research space ship that was lost in disaster. The boat with survived crew members on board couldn't find the way back home due to it's computer damage and became a comet flying across the universe. Doomed to eternal loneliness... Some riffs were inspired by such riff-machines as Soilwork and Mnemic. You can find the picture of this rescue boat on the album's art.

7. Predator:

The last metal song of the album. I was going to write a track less than 5 minutes long, some pure death metal without any cosmic parts... When I realised that it's gonna be a long song too it was late:) The idea of the song... Nothing special. Hearing the thunder, watching the spears of lightnings- try to hide, the Predator is hunting...

8. My angels:

Very personal song. Sorry, nothing cosmic here- it's dedicated to my pets who went to the rainbow.

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