Track By Tracks: Tormentor Bestial - 13 Years Old (2021)

ALCHEMY - Symbolizes the 13 years of the band, in its struggle within the Brazilian and now international scene symbolizes "a kind of magic" that only the insistent can perform.

In Portuguese we have an expression that says something like this:

"We've been milking from stones, for 13 years"

We've been milking a stone for 13 years.

1. From The Past To The Future:

This song is about our teenage times, starting to listen/play heavy metal music, and nowadays, when we just love remain to play and live rock and roll dream.

2. The Return:

It's always very gratifying when you could get come back on top, get out of situations where you know you were losing, and at that point, you find your victory, this song talks about that.

3. Demon Of Perversion:

This song is Asmodeus' own monologue narrating his fetishes with humans, ‘cos he knows about human perversions, that worships between 04 walls.

4. Human Trash:

In this song, I tried to describe all the rottenness from the human being; perversities, indifferences, lack of collectivity, and everything that men do in favor of their self-interest.

5. Easy Woman:

This one describes the life of a woman, who loves the "easy life" with perks and glamor, and all this in exchange for money, that makes her feel like someone really important.

6. Bad blood:

It talks about people who fight in every manner to conquer what they want, even if they have to sell their souls to Lucifer or any other supernatural entity and because of that they question the faith asking themselves if the evil really comes from the devil or from the man himself.

7. Mosh:

This song narrates the pleasure of enjoying Heavy Metal Music, something that for many people is indescribable, the apex of being on the scene and being able to participate in gigs, rehearsals and be with the people enjoying Heavy Metal Music / World.

8. Kill Or Die:

It's a narration about life, pure and simple.

The connotation of killing or dying symbolizes the daily life of human beings, their struggle to stay alive as the old gladiators in their battles in arenas, where only the strongest survive.

9. Reborn From The Ashes:

This song talks about the life of a man who was in a "deep blue emotion state", and who seeing himself without resources/power, appeal to Belial (a kind of demon) who made his return to being an important guy, but in return asked him for eternal devotion and admiration, taking part in everything he earns, until the doomsday.

10. Besides My Understanding:

It's incomprehensible man's ability to be stupid, intolerant, prejudiced, proud, etc All of this is described in that sound, and the question is...After you're gone, was it worth it?

Write a Good story and be remembered forever,

Write a bad one, and be remembered for being a scoundrel.

11. God Save Satan Depraved:

How the title suggests, this story talks about a man who chose to get off against the Christian teachings and do everything that suits him, with no rules, no regrets.

12. Highway To Death:

That's a connotation for people who love to ruin their lives and pass that they are getting along with it.

13. Tormenator:

It one speaks about of people with violent attitudes, who don't leave anything for later, and always prefer to solve everything in a beating/fight When My Heroes Go Away (bonus track on CD) - A simple tribute to the true heroes, who risk their own lives trying to save as many people as possible, on the fateful September 11th.

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