Behind The Artworks: Symphony Of Heaven - Maniacal Entropik Discordium (2021)

"The artwork for Maniacal Entropik Discordium really has 4 pieces tied to it, through the release of 3 previous Digital 45s. The first artwork for "Dead Winter Fields", is just a simple straight forward cover. A snowy, cold winter field and some woods in the background. It's a simple idea just trying to convey what I saw in my mind, and what is familiar to a lot of people. 

The artwork for the second Digital 45 "Entropy" was 100% created by artist Paul Stier. I told him some abstract ideas related to the term Entropy and he came up with that visual image on his own. It turned out great and is a personal favourite of mine.

Third, we have the cover for "The Arch of Time" Digital 45. Once again, I relayed my thoughts to Paul, and he conjured up such a powerful and atmospheric image. 

Lastly, the main album artwork for Maniacal Entropik Discordium. Talking with Paul again, I really had no idea where to start with it. I knew I had a "feeling", but no mental pictures or concrete starting point. After a trial or two and some discussion, he came up with the artwork we have now. The Mountain in the background symbolizes God on High, with a great Light shining above all. Below its light is destruction, snakes and general anarchy. In its final form I take it to mean God's Light shines above the chaos and evil of this world and nothing is hidden from its sight."

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