Behind The Artworks: Thunderor - Fire It Up (2022)

The artwork was designed by Daniel Porta @the pitforge, super talented dude and a friend of ours too. He’s done a lot of stuff for similar bands, and we just knew he would understand our direction. He actually did our logo design too. What I really like is that he asks to hear the music in order to let that dictate his ideas, and I think that’s super cool. So we really let him take the reins on it.

Motorcycles are a strong theme throughout the album so it’s very suitable that there’s one on the cover art. The choice of colours are key too as I think sunsets are also part of our imagery which is shown in our band photos and also upcoming music video. I guess the rider on the cover could be ‘The Thunderor’ haha, or maybe he’s me, maybe he’s you. Whoever it may be, he’s riding out for adventure and that’s the important thing.

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