Behind The Tracks: Chris Maragoth - Tales Of A Girl (Single) (2021)

“Tales of a Girl” is about being in love with a specific person that does not feel the same way and, as a result, the struggle to finally letting go or to keep on trying. The song was originally written by me in summer 2018 after I met my ex girlfriend after a long time again on a renaissance fair with her new partner. We broke up in 2016 and I thought I would be over it, but on this day I had to learn I wasn’t. I was kinda overwhelmed by my emotions and needed a creative valve to get my feelings and thoughts getting sorted again. After writing the first notes I knew the track's name has to be „Tales of a Girl“.

I recorded the track during the Covid19 lockdown in Germany end of the year 2020 and sent it to Nadine Hope, who lent her voice to a track on last year's EP “Lost and Separated”, and asked if she would like to maintain lyrics and vocals. I knew her vocals will fit perfectly to the instrumental version I got finished recently. She said yes and started to work on it directly. In August 2021 the vocals were recorded. After that the mix and mastering was done by a buddy of mine ( and on November 26 the song was finally released on the EP „Tales“.

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