Track By Tracks: Allen Key - The Last Rhino (2021)

The last rhino, the band's first full-length album, sounds absolutely modern and bellicose, menacing like a bare power line and fearful as the coming of a storm, through songs born to be hit, without, however, putting at the risk the authenticity of the band. 

1. The last rhino:

Modern, aggressive riffs that seamlessly transition between old school and modern, a powerful message with memorable interpretation and a pulsating, stormy rhythm set the foundation for Allen key's overpowering sound. “the last rhino” carries in just over 3 minutes the essence of what the band's music is, serving as a sort of filter that puts out all negative feelings, preparing the listener to receive the powerful energies that emanate from the compositions. The choice for the opening of the album couldn't sound better than the powerful track that bears the album's name.

2. Strawhouse:

"Strawhouse”, the band's first single released, achieves the unlikely feat of sounding even more epic and surprising than the previous track, even though the composition is more elaborate and rich in elements and ambiance. Naturally, the highlight would be Karin amenascé's incredible vocal lines, were it not for the work as a whole to sound so intertwined, making not only this song but the entire album, a collective work, guided by the unquestionable quality of the band as a team of the highest level, fully prepared to live memorable deeds.

3. Love you more:

If “strawhouse” introduced us to a band prepared to take the world in their hands, “love you more” shows itself capable of individually conquering every heart it touches. The song is at the same time delicate and vigorous, subtle and exuberant, referring to the epic ballads of the 90s, but with a very unique musicality, forged through the talented hands of Pedro, Victor, William,  and Felipe, transporting the listener to every feeling expressed through its beautiful lyrics, its grandiose composition and the always charming interpretation of the singer Karina, who in this song was also responsible for the dazzling guitar lines.

4. Illusionism:

Illusionism refers to a musical movement that started in the mid - 2000s, starring especially through evanescence, and which is reborn in this remarkable composition that manages to bring together the density of gothic and symphonic music, with the radiophonic appeal of alternative metal and new metal.

5. Granted:

Granted introduces us to an exciting new face of the band, one that is comfortable taking risks, not afraid to dare, sounding relentless like a line of fire heading toward a powder keg, incinerating everything in its path. Allen key's most audacious release received a mega-production for its music video by renowned producer Leo Liberti, who has worked with bands like megadeth, angra, dee snider, europe, among others.

6. Mr. whiny:

“Mr. whiny ” is a song that carries all the primal and exuberant energy of Allen Key, with a powerful chorus that sticks to memory from the first listen and with some of the best riffs of the entire album. At times the energy overflows in such a way that it even flirts with extreme metal, with Karin a masterfully exploring her entire vocal range in one of her heaviest and strongest lyrics.

7. Goodbye:

"Goodbye” is a great song, with a visceral subtlety, capable of destroying you in its devastating beauty and rebuilding you in its moving poetry. Their vocal lines and piano create a melancholy and heartbreaking atmosphere, softened by Karin Amenascé swarm and touching interpretation. A song of excruciating beauty, which delves into the core of each listener's soul, inviting them to reflect on their deepest and most painful feelings. 

8. Flourish:

The album ends in an epic way with the touching “flourish”, with moving melodic lines and majestic arrangements, giving an enchanting tone of infinity to the trajectory just started by the band.

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