Track By Tracks: Deliberate Miscarriage - Mortuary Melodies (2021)

Death metal should push people's buttons. There's a lot of shock horror in the way I write, while trying to divorce the subject matter from reality as much as possible. Trying to come up with original ideas for gore and grotesque situations is surprisingly difficult, which is why I keep a notepad on my phone so I can jot down song ideas that come to me in a flash of inspiration at any time. I won't go into granular detail for each song, because I don't believe my lyrics are worthy of such critique, but I'll go over broader themes in each song, highlighting favourite or perhaps more subtle sections:

Splattered Toddlers is just flat out shock factor. Most of us have an extreme aversion to the idea of a serial killer going for it among children, so this was a no brainer for a topic.

Fowl So Fowl is about a demonic chicken. Bizarre, sure. I think this track was a result of trying to bring in a more comic, absurd level of violence, to balance out the aforementioned darker tracks.

Exhumed & Molested was one of the first tracks I wrote, and is fairly self-explanatory. Necrophilia is a common trope in extreme music, and this is my offering to the altar.

Gutted With A Butterknife - sounds painful doesn't it? Sharp implements make short work of dissection, so the absolute horror of being taken apart with tools not designed for such tasks conjures a more terrifying situation.
Infested Reanimated is a zombie song with a twist. Inspired by Starcraft 2's infested units, I thought about what it would be like to survive an initail infestation of a space colony.

Masochistic Masturbation tackles self-agrandising behaviour, and how it ultimately reflects on a person as a whole when they think they're Billy-big-balls.

Fresh Abortion Smoothie. Do I really need to explain this one?

Intestines In The Mudguards is an inevitable result of combining road rage with pedestrians foolishly standing in the carriageway.

Entrails Entwined talks about the capture and torture of a victim, before the murder consumes the corpse.

Strapped To The Elephant's Foot is instrumental, but is about the large radioactive concrete death boulder in Chernobyl. I wrote the song in sections to sound like the stages of agonising death someone would go through if indeed they were strapped to it. Fast paced sections where your heart races in panic, mid paced sections where you're overwhelmed with pain trying to escape, and finally a decaying section where you body melts and you die.

Slow Dance Of Decay is about the disposal of a body in a bog. I looked into the decomposition process and found some rather graphic images, and did my best to convey the ideas in song.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate is the active ingredient in a popular brand of bubblebath. The idea of drowning in the bath while the killer stuffs your mouth with a bottle seemed like uncharted territory.

The Right To Die talks about euthanasia, and what I believe should be every person's right - to choose to end your own life.

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