Track By Tracks: Fugatta - The Darkest Planet (2021)

The Darkest Planet:

This is a thematic album that depicts and addresses bits and pieces about world problems. There lies its name.

1. The dark land we belong:

Humanity is the worst species that inhabits this world. The track speaks about goodness that Mother Gaia shares to humans. No matter how much damage they cause, Gaia will always allow them to live there. Inclusive, she will protect them.

2. Sons of Syria:

We all have heard about wars taken place in countries like Syria and others in the Middle East. This song is an invitation to stop these wars which are a product of religious fanaticism. The Islamic State must be stopped. 

3. Beyond the light:

This one is dedicated to all the people who have passed on; leaving this physical world. We all know they soul is always around us and we are hopeful one day we will meet in joy again in the hereafter.

4. Slaves of heaven:

All fanaticisms are wrong. In this case, we address religious fanaticism and the ones who are bound to stay inside a temple. The creator is everywhere. There is no need to be inside a temple for him to be with you.

5. Lethal virus:

We talk about some actual issues like this pandemic which can also be any other lethal disease. The song narrates how the main character wants get rid of this disease but at the same time it is wasting him. This one is also a farewell letter.

6. Metal invaders:

Technology is replacing tasks that were performed by humans to avoid tiredness. So much far it got that people started losing their jobs being replaced by robots. What can assure that robots will not displace us in the future?

7. Duality (the inner war):

It describes a conflict that someone faces with his mental issues. On the one hand, he wishes to be a normal person, behaving in the right way. But on the other hand, his duality forces him to be evil with negative thoughts. The title says it: there is an inner war in his head.

8. The Freedom of my Spirit:

It is about someone who is under distress and is afflicted by all problems. This person feels tied to all these problems but deep inside knows the spirit inside remains free. They could decide on what this person does, could be tied down by work but they could never have his spirit. He truly believes that one day it will all be better.

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