Track By Tracks: Thunderor - Fire It Up (2022)

1. Fire It Up:

Up-tempo track. There are actually 2 different choruses which happen back-to-back throughout the song. Massive hooks and melody. The lyrics are about motorcycle riding, romance, and escape.

2. How We Roll:

Groovy, catchy song, reminiscent of Twisted Sister, Slade. The lyrics are about motorcycle riding, friends, and not wanting to go home when it’s time to go home haha.

3. All or Nothing:

Fast tune, lots of double kick, ripping guitar solos, super catchy chorus. The lyrics are about motorcycle riding through a portal and metaphorically moving onwards in life.

4. Dangerous Times:

Catchy 80s style piano-driven song, reminiscent of Toto, Journey, with a massive synth middle section. The lyrics are about romance and love.

5. Thunderor:

Up-beat fun heavy metal song similar to the style of Skull Fist, some Pennywise influence, harmonized guitar solos, and mini drum solo. It’s about pulling up on a motorcycle and other guy’s girlfriends wanting you.

6. On the Run:

Driving mid-tempo song, reminiscent of 80s Ozzy Osbourne. The lyrics are about being on a mission, romance, danger, and double cross.

7. Into the Storm:

Guitar & synth instrumental, reminiscent of Yngwie Malmsteen.

8. We Can Make It:

Pretty interesting song rhythmically, with some polyrhythm concepts happening there. The chorus has a great synth-wave-inspired keys part. It’s got a desperate feel overall, the lyrics are about escape and not giving up (on each other).

8. Cold Tears:

The first half starts with a vocal & piano ballad, which progresses into a Manowar-esque epic with an over the top ending. The lyrics are about reflection on life, not giving up, and comradery.

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