Behind The Artworks: THE ALIVE - Turned Up To Destroy (2022)

The album artwork was done by the very talented Michael Ratliff who is a comic book artist. You can check his stuff out on his Instagram page at Instagram@sketchz_artwork. At the very beginning of the process, we knew we needed something a little different than the album cover art that was being released around us and we needed something that would really represent the band. When you look at the cover you know from the get-go that you are going to go on a ride, so you better hold on. We have this attitude imbedded deep in out DNA that drives us to create music that is fun and makes you want to get up and raise your hands into the air and be noticed so we needed something that would catch your eye at first glance and make you take notice. But really is there any better way to represent a rock n roll album than a hard-hitting party devil (we aptly have named StanEvil) and his sexy devil dolls beside him ready for it all. Oh, and who doesn't like a giant purple octopus tossed in the mix. It's all in the name of Rock music from the first view of the cover to the tunes that hit you in your earholes.

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