Behind The Artworks: Primalfrost - Lost Elegies (2021)

The Lost Elegies album artwork is essentially a combination of the visuals/landscapes of the 3 singles (Maelstrom, Nomad, and Stormbearer) in order to bring things together seamlessly. What we have is a tattered book of text atop a fortress among many mountainous landscapes. Different conclusions/interpretations can be drawn from these visuals in accordance with the album lyrics. Being that this is my vision/art I wanted to create something that resembles a long, lonely, treacherous journey. I specifically wanted to stay away from specific stories, mythologies, events, etc. that I explored in earlier albums. Most of the lyrics focus on self-empowerment, overcoming fear, doubt, depression, etc. all while being completely alone. This is personal to me, as with the nature of being on and off the road for indefinite periods of time. I’ve essentially grown to be a very lonely person, with no real central group of friends, role models, or colleagues to take influence or be inspired by. This is surely relatable for a lot of people, even though I consider the music to be the main focus. So hopefully these artwork visuals, lyrics, and music can provide something special to everyone.

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