Behind The Tracks: Beyond Shadows - Tears Of Rain (Single) (2022)

I started writing the song while my mother was ill. This was completely unexpected and truly devastating turn of events that followed. I had hope, the doctors had given me hope that she would recover. This lasted for some time, a few months. Back and forth, up and down. The emotional attack was relentless and I was losing my grip on reality. Keep in mind, normal life doesn’t stop or slow down. So you’re dealing with this terror while still trying to go through the motions of your day to day.

My mother, after fighting a desperate battle, unfortunately passed away. After some months I was able to return to the song, and finish it. This had been my outlet for grief, and the rage that rises like a fire from the lack of understanding. My mother was a religious woman, why did god allow her to suffer so needlessly? So fruitlessly?

There is a flow of action through the song. Things are happening. There are pauses where thoughts are shared. The character comes to terms with things and makes a decision of what to do next. Tears of Rain is both an allegory and a prediction.

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