Track By Tracks: Cultist - Manic Despair (2022)

1. Manic Despair:

Our take on the classic death metal takeoff. A little bit of Leprosy era Death, a little bit of Bolt Thrower and a touch of Entombed.

2. Synesthesia:

Fast and weird describes Jim in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to his songwriting.

3. Vicissitudes:

A dynamic instrumental that translates the emotion of the ebbs and flows in life.

4. Triumph:

Breaking destructive patterns, reflected in this fierce and intense track.

5. Missing a Soul:

Sick, narcissistic sociopaths, and how much we hate them. Fast and vehement.

6. Locked in Time:

Disciples of Power and Immolation were both big inspirations for this song.

7. Regression:

We all really like Candlemass, and wanted to show it with this depiction of depression.

8. Vexatious Seizures of Thought:

Over analyzing, paranoia and confusion made manifest through this intricate closing track.

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