Track By Tracks: Martyr - Planet Metalhead (2022)

Album title Planet Metalhead:

During the writing and especially the recording process we became more convinced this was THE METAL album we had in mind. And we thought lest give it a name where there is no misunderstanding when you pick it up THIS IS A PURE METAL album. With the title, we welcome you to our planet for over 50 minutes and enjoy the metal. Welcome to Planet Metalhead.

1. Raise Your Horns, Unite!:

A fast-pounding riff-orientated song starting with a small piano part and scary children’s voice then kicks off as a true up-tempo heavy metal song. The 3rd single of the album and opening track of Planet Metalhead says immediately what the album is all about.

A song about the Metal Community. In fact, it is a song about this world today, with a lot of people standing against each other, divided, but where our community stands as one and needs to remain one. regardless of your preference or which music genre you like.

2. Demon Hammer:

A good metal album needs songs about demons and devils, doesn’t it? Think Priest for this one. Kicking off with dynamic drums and epic guitar riffs.

3. Children Of The Night:

The 80s orientated twin guitars rule this song. A heavy attack with a theatrical intro. In this song, the children of the night are the bats stealing your dreams and putting a spell on you.

4. Fire Of Rebellions:

The song starts with the spoken word. Classic HM song. 2nd single was previously released. About a Metal War where we recorded 100 MARTYR Warriors from all over the world for the video and the album. During the pandemic, they all send in their short clips and recordings shouting “WAR”.

5. No Time For Goodbyes:

This is a power ballad and the 1st single from the album we released around April 2020 already. It was already written before the pandemic but the song, lyrics, and title really are related to the time when suddenly we couldn't meet, or see each other anymore, had to stay distant from each other, or worse lose friends or relatives without saying goodbye.

MARTYR never did a power ballad before so it was a BIG surprise for the fans. And exciting for us, but damn the feedback and response are amazing. Listen to the vocals!!!

6. Metal Overdrive:

The title says it all. After No Time, it is back to some pure Heavy Metal again. A fast pace metal song in overdrive. We Come To Rock and want you to rock with us on our Planet Metalhead.

7. La Diabla:

Speed Heavy Metal is about the she-devil, the evil in your nightmare. A song where we used church choirs to give it a mysterious vibe at the start, middle, and end.

8. Diary Of A Sinner:

Combining Priest elements and thrashy elements the album proceeds with another up-tempo metal track but many variations within the song too. A song about how bad circumstances even is, or how evil things are around you, they won’t bring you down

9. Church Of Steel:

Kicking off with Japanese Taiko drums. The song was written as a follow to the MARTYR fan-favorite Speed Of Samurai from the ’80s. It developed into a classic metal track, with many twin guitars, a high tempo, and much diversity in vocals. In fact, it is about believing in yourself. “I don't need nobody else, I will stand on my own, I will break my own law” “Welcome to my Church of Steel”. Although the title also refers to a church of steel (metal) on the planet. So it all comes back again on living on the Planet Metalhead for a while when you play this album!

10. Wings In A Darkened Soul:

The last song we added to the album. Written by Rop the vocals are extremely strong. It is a ballad to end the album, which calms you down, but does have something to say.

And in fact, also reflects the period we are living in. It is about depression and to be honest, the pandemic isn't helping people who suffer from it to get better.

After this song, that's why we put it as the last song on the album, you wanna go back to song 1 to hear some more METAL! During our pre-listen sessions we noticed it really grabbed the listeners.

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