Track By Tracks: Destillat - Under Black Horizons (2021)

What we try to do with our lyrics is to use stories, that happened in the past and put them into a context that makes them relevant today. This is really the part in which we put our personalities as well. We feel like that our society is at a point where we tend to repeat mistakes we’ve already made in the past. So we want to create an opportunity to actually learn from these mistakes and reflect our own actions by telling these stories. On the album, we tried to structure this in a way where we start things off with a realization (Broken Chalice), through stories of genocide (Black 47), loss (The Forgotten sons Pt. II), corruption (The Forgotten Sons Pt. I), abuse (Black Horizons) until we finally write our „Last Chapter“. The last song though is an ode to what could make life on this planet so precious and valuable for all of us. Something that is soon to be lost but still holds a glimmer of hope. Something that is worth fighting for. The „Lost Chapter“.

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