Track By Tracks: SEPTEM - PSEUDONICA (2022)

1. Limbo:

It is the intro but it is also much more.
It is the door that opens to enter the Otherside.
A few almost magical words to discover a new dimension, another universe.
Listen to your heart and flow with your dreams

2. The Otherside:

The concept expresses the idea that what we lose in this world: the people we love, the important things we do, life, affections and experiences we live in this universe, will not be lost with their end, but we will find them in another dimension or time or universe (The Otherside).

They are waiting for us.

True and strong bonds will never be lost.

3. Blood and Soul:

This song talks about how strong experiences mark us and remain in our hearts and minds. we are made of flesh and spirit and everything is united.

The blood represents our physical and material part.

The soul is the symbol of our spiritual side.

Each new day is a new challenge that we face by lived experiences.

4. Man on the Bridge:

The song represents all the people who every day face serious problems and have to make a decision.

What will the man on the bridge do?

We can all be that man because sooner or later we will all have to make a decision.

Keep fighting or give up

Cross or fall.

5. Sa Femmina Accabadora:

A Sardinian legend speaks of a woman dressed in black who with an olive wood hammer went to the home of the dying to give them the coup de grace to make them stop suffering.

A sort of primordial euthanasia. A dreamlike and dark figure. We thought she was an intriguing subject for a very evocative song.

6. Pseudonica:

Pseudonica is a word that I ìinventedî and that represents something latent that slowly grows and when it manifests it upsets us.

It is the symbol of what we had not foreseen and which brings us incredible surprises when it appears.

Pseudonica represents what we do not think about or have no reason to believe it exists, or something unexpected that can arise in any situation and that changes our life or marks it indelibly.

Pseudonica is the inevitability beyond our thinking.

7. The Lust Within:

This song is just sex and rock'n'roll. Have fun with loud music, drinking beer and making love. 

A direct and simple message.

8. Devil in Disguise:

Every day we meet people who talk a lot of bullshit but want to look clean and honest.

Only appearance but underneath and inside they are rotten Betrayals, lies, opportunism, hypocrisy. Devils are everywhere. The more they try to appear irreproachable the more they suck!

So fuck off!

9. Call of Love:

This one speaks about the desire to be together for two people who are far apart. They met once and now they want to get back together. Or they have just seen each other but can no longer forget.

A classic song about love and desire in the style of great 80s bands. We love these ballads.

An easy moment in an album with a very happy mood.

10. The North Star:

For this song, I was inspired by a famous Japanese cartoon: Kenshiro the fist of the north star.

It's a very dynamic song and the lyrics tie a little to the theme of the album.
was before is now transformed.

An old world that has ended, a new one in which you have to fight to regain love and dignity.

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