Behind The Tracks: Sleep/less - My Serenade (Single) (2022)


Brad: I was living in BC, Canada at the time just going through a break-up. I was playing around on my guitar and came up with this riff, which I always name the riffs based on the thoughts/feelings on why I wrote that riff. It just so happened to be called “Chasing Misery” which was later changed to “My Serenade” near the end of recording in the studio.

Beau started working with melodies and lyrics and he had “Don't wanna be the one to come and rain on your parade, Chasing misery has come to be my serenade” for the chorus right down and it was just a line we all loved. The song itself is about the daily struggle of your thoughts, random opinions, and views. In Summary, it’s the constant voices you hear in your head.

We hit the studio around November 2021, and JC started rocking the bass with a pick that sounded great. The ‘Woah’s’ came from our producer who suggested doing them in a few spots. We wanted to add gang vocals on the new record like we did with Young & Wild on the EP and it just so happens that “My Serenade” was the perfect song for the vision we had.

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