Behind The Tracks: ASTRODEATH - Ceremonial Blood (Single) (2022)

"Ceremonial blood is the third single off our second album vol.2 the album is based on a comic written and illustrated by our favourite artist Glenno Smith 
it is a sc-fi alien mind bender but we don’t wanna give away too much, the comic will be available through us and through our record labels (Black Farm records and Tuff Cuff records) later in the year the song ceremonial blood we’re seeing through the eyes of a dude who’s been chosen for sacrifice to the alien lords .. reptilians in robes line up 600 humans to ruthlessly and mercilessly kill them all. There is an underlying social commentary happening,, but we’d prefer people to take what they will from it.. we don’t wanna “Astrosplain” it.

We’re pretty thrilled with how the music video has come out for this track. We enlisted our mate and absolute lord of a videographer John Flaws (Flawless Media) to write film and produce it, he wrote a super weird story that that’s as gruesome and it is hilarious. It maybe the best thing we ever do. We’ve also developed a really good relationship with engineer producer Nick Franklin we love working with him cause he’s a dude and a half… always delivering the goods… he’s pretty much the third member of Astrodeath at this stage. We recorded a lot of this record in our rehearsal space, a steamy hot office in the back or Marrickville (SYD) that we call shabby road. Getting Nick to come out and record us at our place was super cool.. he’s used to working in swanky big studios with all the bells and whistles, He came out here and sat on a milk crate and recorded our drums which was super fun! ceremonial blood is heavier, harder and our most ambitious track to date we think it’s our best yet."

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