Interviews: Thy Enemy

This is a new interview with the Deathcore band Thy Enemy from the USA. Check out the interview and follow the band on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

1. Hi there, first of all, tell us something about the band?

We are a six-piece metal band from Harmony, ME keeping deathcore alive in Central Maine.

2. Which is the main theme of your album?

'Landscape of Fear' is about surviving a post-apocalyptic world 

3. What about the cover and the title of your album?

The artwork is up-and-coming and the title goes along with the theme of the album. 

4. Which bands have influenced your sound?

Unearth, Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Oceans Ate Alaska - lots of different styles and tastes in the band. 

5. Do you think you can still live only on music?

No, sadly we all have full-time jobs. Music helps us stay alive, however! 

6. Something to add?

That’s all!! greeted our readers with a message! KEEP IT METAL!!!

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