Track By Tracks: GUTRICYDE - GUTRICYDE (2022)

1. Bestial Copulation:

Is about the decimation of a female predator by way of morbid copulation. Having been known to lure unsuspecting mates into her web, then kill them off and take all their belongings. She is met with the demise of VIA an unholy being.

2. Prolong The Suffering:

Is about "The Order of The Gash" (AKA - Hellraiser) The Surgeon (Pinhead) inflicts pain and suffering on their prey, and inflicts a lifetime of torture on his victims.

3. Cannibal Cartel:

Revolves around the original movie "Cannibal Holocaust", but with a bit of a twist. The Mexican Cartel turned cannibal, not only mutilates its victims in the drug trade or any opposing group but also feeds on the prey by way of gourmet fashion.

4. 69 Einstein:

Is about the killings of the notorious Ed Kemper, one of the most renowned serial killers in the United States history. Beheading his own mother and having numerous sexual acts with her severed head.

5. Anal Pickaxe Maceration:

An incestuous human contracts a life-threatening virus by way of the legion (of Gutricyde). The virus, affecting the genitals and anus area with oozing acidic blisters and lesions, drives the suspect mad to the point of mutilating his own genitals. In retaliation, the victim's family captures the suspect and finished off the job by way of a pickaxe

6. Gestative Morbidity:

The souls of victimized infants are reborn unto a mother's womb, feasting on her insides just before giving birth. As the birthing process begins, the undead offspring devour the mother's entrails in ravenous hunger.

7. Molestation of Decaying Remains:

Turned on by the thrill of a rotting corpse, our subject exhumes the dead or makes his entrance into a morgue, where he has access to all the rotten sexual stumps at his disposal, his sexual fantasies come true.

8. Pedophile Pulp:

Is about capturing a pedophiles, restraining them, and making them watch as their own bodies are skinned and deboned with surgical precision, mutilating them to the fullest extent all while consciously enduring the agony, but not enough to kill them.

9. PULL:

Is about the movie "PULL". A man keeps an unruly beast in his lair, capturing feeding unsuspecting victims by pulling them into a pit of demise.

10. RUN (for your life):

Revolves around the chase of GUTRICYDE's mascot "Gutty" (AKA - The Butcher) , tracking down vile humans that prey on others, they are dealt a gory end for the atrocious deeds they have committed against their fellow man.

11. Texas Curb Stomp:

A pedophile stalker, caught in the act of preying on children, once he has been severely physically compromised, his mouth is opened and placed on a sidewalk curb and stomped, dislocating and removing his lower mandible followed by more skull crushing blows that spill his brains upon the street.

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