Track By Tracks: Head In Hand - Unnatural Providence (2022)

1. Smoking Mirror:

The idea is that the soul, consciousness, is taken from perfect and eternal nothingness and forced into a brief violent, painful existence, before being released back into that same nothingness.

2. It That Betrays:

The cruelty of living under a system where people beg, are ignored and hated, suffer, and die, and there's no end in sight.

3. Lathe of Heaven:

Huge fan of the book but thematically the song is about our war against nature itself, our impossible death drive to build and build obscene monuments that will scar the landscape long after we're gone.

3. Years of Lead:

The tenuous balance between subjugation and revolt and the implicit threat of violence to maintain order, and what happens when that balance gives way.

4. I Will Guide Thy Hand:

A sister track to Smoking Mirror, a rejection of the idea that there is any order in life beyond the natural world, and those that seek to control or force order should be done away with entirely.

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