Track By Tracks: Kargyr - Kargyr (2022)

1. Chronophobic:

This song is all about contrasts, musically and lyrically. The main theme is how being locked up alone can quickly bring despair and social bitterness.

2. The Abyss:

This is the darkest song of my self-titled EP. The Abyss is a metaphor for the way humans desecrate the earth, and this song (especially at its guitar solo peak) tells how the Abyss engulfs us all and how powerless we are against our own destructive nature.

3. Aura (upcoming EP):

This track aims at giving a strong tribal, chanting vibe. The lyrics describe the quest and actions of the cult, seeking to re-establish the true love for nature by erasing the human race.

4. Sword (upcoming EP):

This song was the very first solo production that I wrote, after 10 years spent as a metal musician. It describes how the fear of taking action against violence can be overcome when it's taken up to a tiliting point.

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