Track By Tracks: Mark Arruda And The Bloodline - The Lockdown (2022)


This is the first song I wrote for the album. I was reading about the first singer from Anthrax and about his current band, Death Rider. I got inspired to write about a mysterious creature named “DeathRider” who comes for your soul. It was a fun song to write.

2. Mass Cremation:

During the pandemic, I read about how in India they had so many dead bodies that they lied the bodies in pits. And then lit them on fire. I just thought how horrific that was.

3. No Peace Without War:

 These are lyrics I had laying around for a long time. The main lines “There is no peace without war. There is no glory in death.” I feel that no one wins in war. There’s a lot of pain after the battle.

4. Lockdown Part 1:

This song is about the paranoia and anxiety some people were feeling because of the media. I think the government wanted us to be afraid to control us.

5. The Homesick Mosher:

No shows! No moshing! Can make you go crazy. Moshers live for live shows, you take that away and they get lost. Everyone needs an outlet rather its going to the gym or going to shows. A lot of people didn’t know what to do.

6. Lockdown Part 2:

It's the second part of the government controlling us with these lockdowns.


In Canada during the pandemic, we found the biggest secret they were finding from us. The 215 dead bodies of indigenous children were buried at a residential school. They have many others at different locations in the country. Reading these articles and hearing people tell their stories and how they survived made me sick to my stomach.


This song is called Against Police Brutality. I think the song title speaks for itself. There’s still too much racism out there with people who have authority.

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