Track By Tracks: WASTED - The Haunted House (2022)

1. The Haunted House: 

Was a conscious choice when I heard the track that Thomas had written, and as a starting point before writing tracks for albums would pursue our already existing horror theme and keep the thread throughout almost the hole album.

2. Mr. Black: 

This was written after a close experience of adult mopping by some acquaintances in the music industry and I learned how much it can actually hurt people's careers, maybe their way of life and their confidence. And I just hate that kind of primitive cave men, so that’s why Mr. Black is the dark carrier!

3. Watch Out:

Was written doing recording, we had the hook line but lacked a story and there were different bids for the story and it all ended up with a horror movie theme from the 80s, where the killer just murders everyone in his vicinity.

4. Nailed To The Cross:

Is written with an ironic dispute about religion, faith, and fidelity and all the misfortunes that it can also bring to even the best people that you could never dream of would end up in a place of misery.

5. Coffin Maker:

Was written in Thomas´s earplug-studio which is also a part our rehearsal room. The raw track was already written, and one of the guys shouted Coffin Maker. And in my head a lot of shit rimes on “maker”, so we sat down and threw a lot of rimes on paper and created another bad man and pre-recorded it there, before taking it to the final recording at Sonne studio.

6. Metal Snack:

Was written in aggression due to a Danish web metal magazine's often negative approach to individual musicians who just do what they like best and at the same time want to show their musical ability, and that is even if they play and perform extremely professionally. I call it tacky and I hate injustice. So therefore I call everyone to the same flag and confess that rock is a huge palette of different genres but the common thread is the same. So therefore metal folks stand together, we are in the same boat.

7. Resurrection:

Think that was Thomas who came up with that hook. Thomas always records his tracks and ideas at his studio and adds a lyric on top of it. Then he sent it to me, I have my sayings and my complaints maybe about some lines I just can't sing or some words I would never use. And that´s the way the two of us work together when some of the new songs come to life. Actually, it´s the same game-plan with Jimi the 2´ guitarist in the band, and we like working like that. The guitarists come with the big picture and the bass and the drums shuffle in, change, adapt, and bring in ideas so that we all get a part of the writing and composing you can say.

Back to resurrection 😊 Thomas sayed it and then we just to it from there and still aiming for a dark and sinister lyric about sorrow and missing someone you really care about, to this slow and heavy track and so it was that Resurrection was written.

8. Candy Cane:

Nothing much to say. Don´t do drugs, just saying!

9. Wasted Attack:

Is actually about Donald Trump and his self-imagined delicacy and great thoughts about himself. I just got so tired of his ridiculous ego, in fact so much that the words almost came all by themselves so to speak.

10. The King:

A track was written in 1984 by the old lineup, but is now re-recorded and released on The Haunted House album 2022. This track/song is also about this kind of larger-than-life guy, the dude with unsurpassed sharpness and a degrading perception of others. A fact here is that the story also fits the story about the Danish prince's marriage to the Queen of Denmark but now deceased R.I.P. He was never declared KING, even though he wanted to and at the same time was running out of public popularity and for maybe half of Denmark’s population became a clown and an old bitter man just losing his mind. it's not because we have anything against the kingdom, and that's not the story here. It is the person and his begging for the title of king we go after. In fact, a true and sad story. Christ.

M. Sonne´s description of artwork and tracks. You can take what you can use to do your thing. So I just sign of from here, see you and thanks

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