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Moscú Babies is a punk rock n roll band from Madrid, formed by Tania Ce (vocals), Jorge Carod (drums and backing vocals), Gon (bass), and Sergi (guitar). Its beginnings date back to 2009. To tell its story, we will take as an excuse your study work:

Moscú Babies E.P. (2009):

After the dissolution of Hop Frog, Tania Ce decides to record six songs alone, with the help of some friends. that do not follow the line of her previous band, in the Geek Records studios (Madrid), with the help of Anne Paranoid as a producer.

In general, this E.P. tends towards a Punk Pop sound, with some more Punk Rock cut tracks, in which Tania Ce signs all the music and lyrics.

Among others, it has the collaborations of Jorge Casanueva, Pablo Charro (Psycho Loosers) and Sofía Hernández (Outbrakers, Pussycat Kill).

However, this studio work was not presented live and its release was only made through different digital platforms. It is not until 2012 that, with the help of a formation that was brought together for the occasion, Some concerts were held.

Diarios del caos (2014)

Produced by Star Mafia Boy, recorded, mixed, and mastered at OlmoStudio during 2013, by Juan Olmos and edited through Vaso Music. Different studio musicians collaborate again in the recording of this album. Diaros del caos is, narratively speaking, a drama inspired by Lorca's playwriting, whose plot is divided into three acts, which takes Punk Rock N ́Roll as an excuse to tell the most important battle that we have to free: the one we have with ourselves.

All songs and lyrics are composed by Tania Ce, with the exception of Kate Moss (Guitar Mafia). On this occasion, collaborate Tito (Hop Frog), Nacho Ortiz, and Star Mafia Boy, who is not only in charge of production, but also performs all the arrangements as solo guitar.

Negra Navidad (2015)

We could say that it was after the recording of Diarios del caos that Moscú Babies was forged as a band, with the incorporation of Jorge Carod on drums and Jorge Pecha on guitar, thus enriching the group's sound. Negra Navidad is a single that the band makes to experiment with and capture the evolution of their sound in a song.

On this occasion, Moscú Babies sign the authorship of the music and Tania Ce is in charge of the lyrics. Jorge Pecha is responsible for recording, mixing, and producing the theme, recorded in the rehearsal room. It was released through different digital platforms.

Guerra fría (2017):

Later, after several changes, Gon becomes part of the band as a bassist, thus being the formation that records the second Moscú Babies album.

Guerra fría has been produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Manuel Micó, at APK Estudios (Valencia), at the exception of guitars, which were recorded at Gonna Rec, by Nano Castro and the collaborations, which were performed at Universal Rat Studio, by Félix BC, both locations in Madrid. All illustrations that accompany the disc are the work of Barbara Jimenez.

On this occasion, all the music is composed by Moscú Babies, and the lyrics by Tania Ce, are based on the book "The Little Prince" (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).

Being the first work as a group, the musical evolution is striking, which is shown with a more energetic, refined, and powerful, being faithful to the melodic vocal lines. The album features the collaborations of Daniel Llamas (G.A.S Drummers), Kurt Baker, Luis Sánchez (Reactives), Terry (Like Peter at Home), Star Mafia Boy, and Fede Rubio (Banda Cojones).

Guerra fría was released in early 2018, in two types of formats. The vinyl edition is a co-issue between Devil Records, Lucinda, Punk Machine Records, Furious Records, Ce de Vendetta Records, and Moscú Babies Records. The CD edition by Moscú Babies Records.

Soma (2021):

In 2018 Sergi joins the band, taking charge of the six strings. Thus the definitive formation is closed. of Moscú Babies. As a result of this, Soma is born, a single that sees the light in digital format. The theme of this single is inspired by "Brave New World", by the author Aldous Huxley, where the ego becomes in the Soma of our actuality.

Recorded at Anti Bunker by Alfonso de la Hoz, mixed and mastered by Rafa Camisón in Studio Seventy-nine. Elena González is in charge of art. As usual, the music is signed by Moscú Babies and the lyrics are by Tania Ce.

Prohibition (2022):

Prohibition is Soma's B-side. Moscú Babies brings this original D Generation theme to their home turf, bringing out his most Hardcore Punk side.

Recorded at Anti Búnker by Alfonso de la Hoz, mixed and mastered by Rafa Camisón in Studio Seventy-nine. The cover is the work of Elena González.

The release of this single is the turning point before the creation of new songs that will form the next band's studio work.

Moscú Babies are:

Tanya Ce (Voice)
Sergio (Guitar)
Jorge Carod (Drums)
Gon (Bass)


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