Behind The Tracks: OneFromTheNorth - Silence and Me (Single) (2022)

Silence and Me is about war and what war can do for the mind. A man who goes to war is a different person compared to returning from the war. The mind is lost and full of horror, drug addiction, etc., and one cannot escape from it. In some cases, after the war, a person can see the city lights but is so dead inside that he cannot be part of it anymore. Cannot enjoy it. By this, I mean life itself and happy things. A person is so full of war inside that he cannot actually be part of the joy even if he wants to. And this is the easy version. In Finland, the nation has been in the same situation as Ukraine is now, and my grandfather, among many others, was in the war against the Soviet Union. The war leaves its mark. Finland is full of these stories people don't talk about. Still among us but dead inside.

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