Track By Tracks: ANVILHAMMER - Impression Of Chaos (2022)

1. Dead Weight: 

Intro song.

2. March of the ANVILHAMMER:

Continued to pound away. making music and not giving a fuck about anything.
Visions of the Dividend: Song about companies and governments only interested in making profits above all else...

3. Generations:

Climate change, from the perspective of a polluter.

4. Impression of Chaos:

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte's tactics reference the battle of Austerlitz.

5. State of Mind:

Failed relationships. made a mistake.. no going back.

6. Feel the fire:

Civilians were under attack from corruption, fighting for homes, and fighting back.

7. Contract:

Signing your intellectual property away for a sub-standard amount and getting ripped off.

8. The Fall:

The fall of the government, and how another one just as bad always follows.

9. Hate to Lose:

I never lose.. at the end of the day is only victory.

10. Silence:

Homeless persons take on living alone on the city streets.

11. Commissariat:

Operation Barbarossa... ww2 invasion of Russia by Germany from both perspectives

12. Avoid the Night: 

A religious family man first visits a dominatrix dungeon trying to find himself and lose his wife.

13. Another Dose of Hatred:

Hatred toward the unvaccinated from a government preaching kindness

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