Track By Tracks: Black Reuss - Journey (2022)

After the metamorphosis, the second chapter journey begins. At this stage, I realize the need to free myself from the grip of things that want to control my life. The courage to free from these bonds gives the momentum and the motivation to finally move on to the target, Arrival.

“The only thing that is consistent, is that life constantly changes”

A journey is about surrendering to inner preferences and being less and less controlled by material or negative things. Going through different stages progresses as well as regresses. Sometimes I experienced bliss, feelings, and inner peace. But I also realized that there are always stumbling blocks on my journey…

“Falling becomes easier and doesn't hurt the same”


EXODUS is the start of the journey. Breaking out without knowing exactly where to go but with being clear, that something has to change. The opener of the album is a bit faster and has a bluesy note, which is driving in the punctuated verse part. The intermediate part is then rather calmer and leads into the double chorus and ended with a crisp double bass part. I break out knowing that this journey will bring me closer to certainty and become fervent.


DEJECTION started with a piano intro and is a doomy number. The verse part is rather slow and the chorus is double time. In the intermediate part, it is briefly faster to then end again in the doomy slow part. This song is about getting out of persistent despondency. Routine makes us blind and unfortunately, the suffering pressure is too small.

No escape, tied up in dejection, striking slightly at the void of doom. No liberation, tied up in affliction, Day after day, I’m caught in gloom.


Egression is the second single from the album. It begins with a sitar. I had already used this element in the first album. The mood in the verse is very subdued and then in the chorus, which is in two parts, it changes from a tribal to a more gothic mood. Egression is about really doing something and putting the energy into positive actions. It is the turning away from the negative.

It is this recurring moment when the weight of the earth falls down on my shoulders. Egression from being smug.

4. HOLE:

Hole is most likely the metal track on the album. By Black Reuss standards it's rather up-tempo. It starts with a typical metal riff and pulls you right along. The chorus, it then changes to halftime with an epic chorus. Thematically, Hole is about turning away from the material things in life and not weight them too much. This is the moment when you realize that you are the victim of your own reality, where truthfulness bounces off me because you focus too hard on the material. Justice will meet you one day as creation finally longs for the truth.


Not stylistically but thematically. Stylistically it is rather soft. I love to create such contrasts. Because silence and depth can also be very hard and stand for a situation that is not so nice. It's the moment when you realize that you're doing everything wrong, and that it's your own fault if you don't become the pilot of your life. I don't mean that you can be responsible for everything that happens in the world. You just grow into certain things. But if you can cause yourself pain, then you can also turn it around and do something good for yourself and try to ignore or avoid what doesn't do you good as much as possible. It is also about accepting to fail and not trying to avoid it but learning from it. If you don't do that, you will fail completely in the long run.

Creator of my pain. Marching until I fail. No need to contain. Fight to the tail.


Deep-Seated is one of my favorite songs. This one also starts building with clean guitars and then builds up quite an energy in the chorus. It almost has a Pink Floyd touch in the verses. Thematically, Deep-Seated describes the moment when you realize that showing emotions and living them is the best thing that can happen to you in life, and by that, I mean all kinds of emotions. For me, sad moments also have something very beautiful. To live it and just let it happen is great. It gives you enormous power. The day you learn to accept emotions and deal with them in a positive way, falling down and getting up again will be much easier. But it's clear, that life remains an up and down but in a more positive way. It is also about being honest. To yourself as well as to the other person.

Allow all my emotions. No confusion, no shame. My heart is the ruler of all. No hidden agenda, no fame.


Regression has a driving chorus. Starts with a gloomy piano and then immediately takes off with the chorus part to then go into a very dark and doomy verse part. This also reflects the theme. Regression is about you being in the middle of your journey. In the moment where you get the feeling that your life has developed well and you have built up something, come back into this routine water and hold on to the established and safe things in life. Everyday life prevents you from discovering new things and it is difficult for you to leave your comfort zone. That is a step backward and that is what Song is all about.

I stop, to be open and swim in the Reuss again. I stop planning adventures and live the ones that others plan. I stop, try-hard, and rely on my reputation. I stop, to look ahead and I throw one’s cap over the mill. Instead of shaping the walls of truth, I wear a false crown relying on material things giving me a sense of contentment. Creating a hurdle, a wall to my heart and core. Fill out the black hole again and progression becomes regression.


After the setback, you realize again how dependent you are on certain things. This makes you rather weak and robs you of clear vision. Dependence is the first single from the album, actually, the song is inspired by bands like Cult or even The Mission. I wanted to create this special gothic mood that these bands have. On this song, as well as on 2 other songs on this album, I also work with vocoder effects for the first time. Maybe I overdid it a little bit :-) But the song has a positive ending because you finally realize that if you follow your heart, everything must come out well. Which also has a great dependence, without a heart we cannot live, and it is the center of everything. A good dependence and a great guide. Our heart.


Integrity is a mid-tempo number with some drive. It starts right away with the chorus and strings but without vocals. The verses are rather reduced, so the chorus gets the necessary power. Thematically, the song is simply about the fact that integrity is one of the core values to get through life well. But it's also about acting accordingly and…

Destroy Strongholds. Every snooty dominion raised against purity passes me by.


Affection is also one of my favorites. A rather heavy number. It starts with a piano and then slowly builds up. There are big choruses in the chorus and a somewhat bluesy guitar solo in the middle section. Yes...blues often have this heaviness for me as well. The song is about accepting affection as something beautiful and supportive. It's like a balm for the heart, if you can't give it, you can't take it and it needs both directions. If you are able to love and accept love, almost nothing can happen to you. An important realization on the journey of life.

Affection, the path, and the goal. Devotion, the weapon, and the den. Kindness, the opener, and the sealant. Desire, the force, and the weakness.


Redemption is the end of the journey. The gateway to the arrival. With this song, I certainly went to the limit of my abilities. It has a lot of classical passages in it with strings, French horns, etc. And it's in 6/8 time. Something of the more difficult to sing too. It's the longest song I've ever written and pushed me to the limits of my abilities. A great experience. The middle part alone, which in turn consists of 3 different parts, lasts several minutes.

Should I stop sailing and waste my energy on defense.

I chase too many things, that will leave me vulnerable.

I can dwell on the negativity and focus on the ruin of it all.

Choose to become emotionally numb and inhibit inner rise.

I choose to seek happiness, and that's where I find redemption.

As long as I am looking for it, at least there’s hope that I’ll arrive

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