Track By Tracks: Elliott’s Keep - Vulnerant Omnes (2022)

1. Aevum (6:31):

The album opener is Aevum, Latin for “everlasting time.” Lyrically, the song explores various historical concepts regarding the afterlife. Musically, it combines elements of doom and aggression in typical Elliott’s Keep fashion.

2. Vanguard of Despair (6:05):

The second single and performance video is an epic doom tale of destiny, despair, and apocalypse.

3. Laughter of the Gods (5:39):

The first single and video is set in the Middle Ages during the Black Death. Collecting the dead each day, the protagonist struggles to maintain hope until ultimately meeting his ironic fate. The music is traditional doom played in Elliott’s Keep style.

4. Every Hour (5:11):

The Latin phrase “vulnerant omnes” means “every hour wounds.” The album’s title track, Every Hour is a heavy, traditional doom song that explores emotions associated with this concept and the pains of life.

5. Omnis Pretium (Fortress I) (7:09):

Leading side two of the vinyl is Omnis Pretium, a story of a brutal castle siege told from the perspective of its defenders who are determined to hold off the attackers at all cost. Musically, the song is aggressive, mirroring the events of the battle and of the fatally injured protagonist’s ultimate retreat up the stairs in the keep.

6.Et Sanguinem (Fortress II) (5:47):

The second part of Fortress, Et Sanguinem is the album’s most progressive song with a heavy doom chord chorus. Lyrically, the album finds the protagonist bleeding out in the top of a room of the keep, reflecting on life and legacy as the moment of his death approaches.

7. White Wolf (7:59):

Glenn Elliott was the vocalist of our predecessor band, Marauder. Tragically, he died in 2004. Our band's name is an ongoing tribute to his memory. On this album, we cover our own song, White Wolf, from our Marauder days. When we decided to include it on this album, we thought it only fitting that we enlist Glenn to sing the title line for us again. So, his voice joins Ken each time with the phrase "white wolf." Glenn’s vocals you hear are taken from a live performance in 1995 at Dallas City Limits. White Wolf is the album closer. It combines aggression and doom while telling a story of love lost and revenge.

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