Track By Tracks: MASS SKY RAID - Miracle (2022)

1. Arrows:

Arrows are sonically progressive crossing genres and exploring both the heavier and more ambient lighter side of Mass Sky Raid’s sound. Arrows give the listener a journey both vocally and musically moving from anthemic heavier riff-driven moments to subtle open musical space which compliments the lyrical journey of discovery and the struggle within the search to find meaning.

Lyrically Arrows explores the internal battle of feeling lost and disconnected from others and one’s own emotions and purpose in life. From this place of suffering it challenges the listener to find strength and to open up and discover a deeper understanding and identity and to break away from past restraints.

2. Wake Me Out of Flight:

Wake me out of Flight contemplates the struggle to break out of a life on autopilot as we face the pressures to conform into a pattern of existence and routine which is brought on through our own mortality as humans and the expectations of who we are meant to be.

The subtle melodic verses give rise to anthemic choruses which emphasize the lyrical message and transition from falling into despair and acceptance to waking out of flight and challenging us to face the fears that bind us to these conclusions.

3. Breakthrough:

Breakthrough sonically creates a musical intensity through the use of ambient guitar layers supported by a driving rhythm section. Light and shades both musical and vocally are explored to create a progressive journey for the listener from melodic progressive verses to anthemic reaching choruses. Lyrically Breakthrough explores the challenges we have in our everyday life as we attempt to break away from a systemised existence living with society’s expectations that are sometimes organically inbuilt and unfulfilling. It looks at the impact of each decision we make which brings its own consequence and provokes the listener to find their own truth.

4. Begin with The End:

Do we accept our fate or do we try to fight for a better existence? This is the question powerfully evoked through a unique fusion of gripping composition and raw emotion in Mass Sky Raid's title single 'Begin with The End'. Begin with the End builds on its melodic ambient intro giving way to huge anthemic memorable rock-driven choruses showing light and shades throughout.

5. Fire:

Fire is one of two acoustic and violin-driven tracks on the Calm in Chaos album. It shows a different side of Mass Sky Raids sound and breaks away from the anthemic walls created to provide a lighter shade drawing on the side of Calm on the Calm in Chaos album. From lovers to strangers lyrically Fire looks at a relationship in a breakdown. As one person attempts to salvage what is left there is confronting realization of how far each of them has fallen away from each other. The battle to find the fire once again which is slowly burning out.

6. Miracle:

Miracle shows another element of our sound and is probably one of the more anthemic rock-driven tracks on the album. Playing on the theme of being calm in the chaos, ‘Miracle’ contemplates our perseverance as humans through the challenges of time while also endeavoring to deal with our inevitable mortality which in turn makes every moment we experience more precious.”

7. Immortal Way:

Immortal Way is one of the more experimental tracks of the Calm and Chaos album and is not defined by genre. It branches away from Mass Sky Raids norm and shows a different aspect of sound. It expresses the unspoken connection that develops between two people in a relationship over time and the reliance that forms. Although life’s journey challenges this bond the energy connection is bound.

8. Not Alone:

Not Alone is an ambient anthemic song with musical layers of light and shades and lyrics that consider the concept of facing one’s own fears as you try and find your own deep purpose and meaning. It explores the struggle one has when reaching for your dreams and the uncertainty that it creates when you step outside your own place of comfort to create a more meaningful life. It looks at the battle to find the strength to take that unfamiliar and uncertain path that can lead to an ultimately more fulfilling existence.

9. Letting Go:

Letting Go is another acoustic and violin-driven song that sits between Calm and Chaos. It is personal in nature for Adam with its message and captures a moment in time of him fighting his own darkness and despair through self-reflection as he tries to find solace once again in the surrounding silence. Undertow Lyrically “Undertow” explores the struggle we face trying to find ourselves in a world filled with uncertainty and in crisis. The undertow represents the daily battle we encounter as we fight to not get pulled into the darkness and despair. Undertow also explores the human spirit which searches for answers in these times of darkness. With its pulsing beat and a melodic melody. This is followed by an anthemic reaching chorus. The light and shades of Undertow create a journey for the listeners which is supported by the lyrical message of trying to find answers in a time of darkness.

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