Track By Tracks: Nazgul Rising - Cycles Of Primal Chaos (2022)

1. Seed of the Serpent:

The song is about the Elohim who arrived here thousands of years ago, we do not know where (perhaps the constellation of Orion) and how they were governors, they each chose a territory and began to create the ADAM, cloned human beings created in some very specific fenced places called GAN EDEN, were workers' in these very delimited areas.

After the expulsion of the ADAM from the EDEN GAD, the ELOHIM begin to make war first supporting their own people and then after some civilizations developed creating empires. The scientific study of this new vision of biblical reality dispels the myth of the stories that apparently are written inside and justifies this very important version as the correct reading of the Bible devoid of translations made in the time after its writing. A translation that would totally distort the sense of the first written in order to create a false myth to create the foundations of Christianity.

2. Adversarial Light:

Is a tribute to Milton’s Paradise Lost, the battle between God and Satan. So the contrast between light and darkness is always present in the concept of the album.

3. War comes from Heaven:

Are visions of an apocalyptic scene. The four horsemen descend to earth to destroy the human species. Dragons rising to swallow the sun, battalions and armies of giants marching to fight.

4. The Embodiment of Darkness:

The last breath of the earth before it is destroyed. Humanity feels all the weight in its conscience of having committed such havoc, but now it is too late. Is it an end or a new beginning?

5. Vision of the Nightside:

Is the beginning of the journey into the afterlife. The funeral rite accompanies the soul beyond the gates of the unknown. As in all religions, the passage from life to death and resurrection are repeated in all cultures and religions for thousands of years.

6.Hostis Humani Generis:

The enemy of mankind is only the man himself who bases his existence on religions with false promises.

7. Lord of the Wildwood:

This is an old piece that’s been rearranged. The intro was edited by New Risen Throne (dark ambient musician) who gave the dark primordial essence.

The song is about the god Cernunnos, an ancient god venerated in Celtic mythology. The god of fertility, manhood, hunting, war, abundance, animals, death, and the afterlife, and also the wild nature that sooner or later will take back its space.

8. Nemesis Within:

In this track, restless souls still roam the earth, they still do not reach the afterlife, they are abused by the church, and they still seek revenge.

9. Father of Lies:

The song is about Doctor Faustus, a story by Thomas Mann. The writer seems to have been inspired by the story while staying in my city, in fact, the meeting of Mephistophele with Adrian Leverkühn takes place right here. In the lyrics there is the despair of the protagonist who was teased by the devil, precipitating into mental illness, which will leave him until death.

10. Cycles of Primal Chaos:

The primordial chaos originally was the total disorder, a swirl of matter informs. It is a chasm, an abyss that is born without knowing where and from where and opens up immensely. Gaia, the Earth, from which all the divine creatures descend and not. In continuous opposition, the two entities collide at a distance of eons.

11. Evilwind:

It is a piece that I wrote after reading the “Laments of Ur”, a text written more than 5000 years ago. The texts attributed calamities to an evil wind blowing from the west, a deadly cloud that caused an atrocious death to all living beings, people, and animals alike, that shriveled plants and poisoned the waters, unleashed by the use of “Weapons of Terror” in a conflict between opposing clans of the Anunnaki.

12. From the Depth of Hades:

This is an experimental song different from others, is a march, with a repetitive and obsessive motif. Composed of a few guitar riffs and with the addition of arpeggiators and electronic sounds. A journey into the deepest depths of Hades.

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