Band Biographies: Patria

Patria is a Brazilian Black Metal group forged in 2008 by the guitarist Marcelo Vasco aka Mantus, acclaimed graphic artist that already worked for major bands like Slayer, Kreator, Machine Head, Dark Funeral, Dee Snider; and the vocalist Tsword. They still have allied with them the guitarist Ristow and the bassist Vulkan, both from Litosth, and the drummer Abyssius, to complete the live line-up. Following six albums, two EPs, line-up changes over the band's history and numerous shows in Brazil, on touring with bands like Satyricon and Tsjuder, also international along with Borknagar in Chile and their live appearance at the infame Inferno Festival in Oslo/Norway, Patria finally come to the surface again, after five years hiatus, bringing their seventh and most anticipated album "Hexerei”. The album presents ten new tracks plus a bonus, rescuing the primordial 90s Black Metal legacy with the cooperation of some very special guests: the amazing Brazilian drummer Leonardo Pagani aka Malphas from bands like Mysteriis, Le Chant Noir and Demoniac Harvest; Demon Fog from the legendary Brazilian cult Songe d'Enfer; and the vocalist Lembetu from the great Estonian Flak'n'Roll group Loits. The material was mixed and mastered by Leonardo Pagani and will see the light on July 15th on CD via Dawnrazor Records (Brazil), Ketzer Records (Germany), Helvete Records (Mexico) and Digital via Blood Blast Distribution.

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