Band Biographies: Sacrimonia

Sacrimonia is a symphonic black metal band from Warsaw, Poland. Established in 2015, the band focuses on creating a bewitching blend of powerful female vocals, melodic, yet razor-sharp riffs and gothic orchestrations. Born from fascination with symphonic black metal classics like Dimmu Borgir and Emperor, the Polish act Sacrimonia aims to offer much more than the genre's basics. The band's new „Anthems Of Eclipse” album (as well as older „New World Ascension” EP) bustle with crippling female vocals, refined guitarwork and rich orchestrations. But most importantly, quality songwriting. While other similar aspiring bands keep on talking about how "dark" or "uncompromising" they are, Sacrimonia delivers music that is equally catchy and intriguing, with little regard for current trends in the black metal scene.


Kamila "Lasaira" Grabowska-Derlatka - vocal
Jakub Zgorzelski - guitar
Mariusz Hausenplas - guitar
R. Przyłuski - bass
Igor Pisarek - drums

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