Behind The Artworks: Lord Of Horns - Few Ever Survive The Night... (2022)

The photographs depicted on the cover are visually representative scenes of the songs on the demo. There's one showing an elf draining the life force out of a sleeping traveler. The castle is a photograph of a tapestry that hangs in my performance space. Those two represent "Nightmare Castle." The photo of the savage praying over the pirate surrounded by bones is "Ritual Hunt." And lastly, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for "Screams of the Oskorei" that didn't require a Hollywood budget CGI image. I eventually settled on the ritual scene from the slower part of the song. I put in elements that alluded to Odin, but are not very noticeable in the final product, such as two ravens, a spear, and ODIN written in old Norse on my back.

In total, there were 3 actors used for these scenes; myself, my son and my audio engineer who assisted in the mastering process for the demo. I directed each of the scenes, edited all the photos, created the layout, and finalized the cover.

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