Track By Tracks: INTENT - Exile (2022)

1. Victims of Conquest:

Jeremy Lambert: This was the first song we wrote for this album and it for sure set the mood for the rest of the writing experience. To put it shortly, this song is ultimately about how history is always written by the victor. Many peoples, tribes, or civilizations have always been victims of conquest at some point or another and much history and details have been lost because of it.

2. Exile:

Jeremy Lambert: Ah yes, the title track. This song is a bit more personal for me and I'm not sure how much detail I should give out. I guess I would have to say this song is really about moving on. Whether it's a person who's toxic or in a bad situation, it doesn't really matter. Sometimes (in my case) it can take years and some people never do fully recover from a rough event. Eventually, you live and learn and have to accept what happened and leave it at that. In the song, I depict a spiritual pilgrimage where somebody has to brave the wilderness to find the ultimate shelter away from the tribe that exiled him.

3. Shallow Earth:

Jeremy Lambert: This was another early song we wrote for this LP. It's about shallow people. People who only care for themselves are willing to betray their friends for a quick reward. In the song, I depict shallowness as a sort of entity you connect to, and once you do that, it slowly takes over and controls your life. People who are really that shallow (like the person this song's about) usually have a constantly changing circle of friends and are never truly happy.

4. Primal Instinct:

Jeremy Lambert: This song is a huge change from our norm. I really wanted to write a really catchy song that still conveys our aggression really well. "Primal Instinct" is really about the demons we keep at bay. It can really be anything. Some people have depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, and sometimes that's not always easy to keep in check. During the entire pandemic, I can admit I was very depressed. I was a musician and a performer and I was suddenly told "NO". I had been given a situation and suddenly felt my lifestyle wasn't worth living. To make matters worse if you tried to do any kind of show, the keyboard warriors would come after you. It just wasn't a good time, and know that everything is blown over I hope people who were making things worse for everyone else realize they were just another clown in makeup.

5. Verbatim:

Jeremy Lambert: Not going to lie, this song's lyrics aren't really that deep. It's really just about aggression and finally letting it all out. You see, I don't have tolerance for stupidity or having to repeat myself over and over again to people who aren't paying attention. Am I showing too much of myself with that statement? maybe LMAO.

6. Changing the Axis:

Jeremy Lambert: Every album needs a slow song, right? Well, this one did, and in 3/4 time too. Actually, this is one of the more politically-fueled songs on this album. The state of the American police force has been running rampant for years and quite literally getting away with murder left and right. I'm sure we'll lose a few boomer fans for saying that, but it's true. Just go watch any bodycam footage and you will see.

7. Time:

Jeremy Lambert: This song is VERY new territory for us. It's heavy on the effects and a completely different vibe from anything else we've done. The grand finale of this song is a highlight of the album for me. Ultimately this song is about having no regrets in life. If you have a dream, you need to be working for it whenever you can and stay determined. I know I have, what about you?

8. 5th Column:

Jeremy Lambert: The grand finale of the album itself. They say history always repeats itself, and you know what? That's right. Back in the 1950s, America was at the height of its "Red Scare" and McCarthyism was the proposed solution. Basically, if your neighbor was acting un-American, you could just report his ass and they'd make his life a living hell! People who were reported sometimes went missing, and the ones who weren't were sure to be blacklisted from jobs and communities. It wasn't all milkshakes and "I Love Lucy" for all folks.

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